Bill Naad

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Background Story

Little is known about this commander other than he was found floating in space when the medusa expedition was slowly regrouping for its return to the bubble.
after examination of the escape pod it looks like it had been floating in space for many years. the escape pod´s registration number indicated he was on one of the first series Adder exploration ships, residue of a plasma leak was found on the escape pod. This malfunction could have been the Cause he was forced to abandon his ship.

After reviving him from his long stasis sleep he had lost his memory the only identification was an id card where the coolant ruined the picture.
As he could not remember his name past or what had happened he took the name that was on the ships registration, Bill Naad, never knowing if it was really his id or picture on the id card.

In search of his past and trying to regain his memory he joined the medusa fleet.
He became a well-liked figure among the explorer crews, he showed great skills in Combat and trade.

When the Forgotten vanguard wing was formed, he was one of the first to volunteer in the hope of finding clues to his past, family and who he actually is.
He trained and worked hard to become one of the best high speed scouts in the newly born unit.
He was chosen as one of the fleet admirals of the new unit called the forgotten to pave the way for the main fleet.

He does have a big obsession when it comes to training his skills he created Space rugby a hazardous sport consisting of flying eagles at high speeds in asteroid belts taking down the shields of the opponent´s lakon t6 cargo ships. and preventing the others doing the same to you. This game became a popular yet dangerous sport among the fleet. Many a time he lost an eagle or part of his eagle to such extent that he was banned from playing in the fear that one day he would injure or kill himself Before his task was complete.

Name : Bill Naad
Rank :Admiral of the fleet
Date of birth: Unknown
Profession: Explorer/freelancer
Ship: Bleumoon
Class: Imperial Cutter Miner trader
Education: Unknown
Skills : Acomplished explorer
Character: Loyal , Mindful, helpfull , quiet.