Background Story

A descendant of a long line of designers, most of his designs are ingenious and refined honouring his ancestors .
He often flies of on long exploration missions to discover and gather new materials for more efficient designs and manufacturing methods observing geological and natural structures.
As a captain on an explorer and trade ship he often went to distant areas to design and build new ship modules ,planetary biodomes. And  totrade with other fleets to get the best materials.
When he designed a new high capacity fuel scoop with a smaller size than the older bulky ones he got a message to report to the UNS Vanguard .
As he docked his small transport ship in one of the landing bays he was greeted by Admiral Totha and brought to the briefing room. as there where a few high ranking officers present chaurus thought he got in to trouble for one thing or the other, as he was contemplating what he had done the door opened and Fleet commander Elisabeth Assenthia entered the room .

“Welcome captain, I hope your trip was comfortable,
Please sit down we have a lot to discuss,
As you might have heard the rumours of a group of experienced commanders are gathering to leave the fleet. This is true we have ordered the formation of a vanguard wing to head back to the bubble.
Now I want you to lead a group of trade explorers of this new wing, you are hereby promoted to commodore effective immediately .
Admiral Totha will brief you further.."

As now commodore chaurus could not believe what had happened he was taken to the side by Admirals Bill Naad, Totha and Soltus who congratulated him on his promotion to commodore of the forgotten's economics fleet.
They explained his duties for this new wing, finding trade routes and creating economic relations with other factions where now his responsabilities .

As the forgotten wing is heading back to the bubble we need ships for escort and security duties and to secure a future home system. given the specifications the ship chosen was a mothballed Cobra MK III.
Chaurus started designs to update the aging Cobra, the first prototype looked promising. But the improvements where marginally better than the old ones .Chaurus requested that the prototype equipment and components would be released for the new cobra designs.
Fleet commander Elisabeth Assenthia gave her permission and chaurus went to work. after 14 months the first prototype was ready this ship was superior to anything in the fleet and could match or outclass the core worlds ships.
As the cobra was painted in medusa expedition colours they are now renamed medusa class Cobra MK IIIs .

Name : Chaurus
Rank : Commodore
Date of birth: 19-6-3269
Profession:architect, engineer, designer
Class: Anaconda trade / explorer

Education: Engineering and architectural designing on the Duisenburg fleet economics ship.