Elisabeth Assenthia

I don't want to hear this Commander!

This is a big day for us!

3 Days?! I give you 3 Hourse!

Move on .. !!

Background Story

After graduation Elisabeth was posted on the UNS Polar stern a light planetary  surveyor .

She worked as a assistant geologist to Doctor Ricardo Maxwell for 4 years, until the Polar stern crashed on the dark side of a small ice planet orbiting a gas giant.

Doctor Maxwell was killed during the crash and she was badly injured to her legs, she managed to survive for 3 weeks by recharging her life support system near one of the local geysers which provided heat and nutrients for the synthetizing of food and clean water .

The rescue ship UNS Henry dunant located the distress beacon and transferred her back to the fleet .

After recovery she was promoted to sub Lieutenant and on her own request transferred to the search and rescue division.Where she honed her skills as tracker and scout to find lost and missing ships.She got great respect for the tenacity of finding and rescuing lost and stranded pilots, often being reprimanded for disregarding orders to abort the search and rescue operations.

Which severely slowed down and hampered her career.

How ever her exploits could not be ignored when she was promoted to captain to the Henry Dunant.

Where she showed great leadership and discipline, she trained and drilled her crew hard devising new technologies and procedures thus forging a tight unit of search and rescue pilots.

These feats did not go unnoticed when Fleet commander  Benjamin Woodrow retired the fleet council appointed Elisabeth Assenthia as fleet commander. As it was time to review the mission and restructure the fleet for the return to the bubble.

Date of birth: Januari-31 -3181

Rank: Fleet commander

Specialisation: Tracker, Scout Scientist

Ship : UNS Vanguard - Anaconda class expedition Flag ship

Career/education : Graduated at the Magellan education ship  In the fields of geology and biology.