Jaku ofb

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Background Story

A dear and life long friend of Admiral soltus who he bunked with at the Magellan education ship where he enrolled as a student surveyor, as he found it logical to also be able to do cartography he also enrolled on the cartography programmer course.
As he was one of the first to do both fields he got allot of praise of the teachers for his survey and programing skills.
He got reprimanded often for doodling 3d art during lectures and exams often making posters for up coming party’s and events this got him expelled several times for not taking the classes seriously.
This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the information came naturally to him.
How ever his past would hold him back for advancement only becoming a captain on the exploration vessel James cook where he could have become a commodore in the same time span.
Even now on long trips and the monotony survey of planetary rings he doodles 3d art posters.
His captivating art posters which would strike a cord with any one seeing it. One of his posters about an upcoming event of space rugby as admiral Soltus showed his friends posters to other members of the council caught the eye of fleet commander Elisabeth Assenthia and proposed to recruit him for the newly created forgotten vanguard wing.
As they needed an surveyor for to find resources for a possible new home for the fleet and double as propaganda specialist to win over local populations.
His skills would prove to be vital to win the elections in the new home system of aiabiko.
As there is need for a defence force to protect their new home he was heavily involved with the design and orchestrating the recruitment campaign for the medusa squad.

Name: Jaku ofb
Rank: Captain
Date of birth: 04-7-3257
Profession: Explorer / chief of propaganda
Ship: Asp
Class: Explorer