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Background Story

Mr_jack worked his way up from escort duty up to commodore and chief of security.
In his early days he was a young aspiring fighter pilot zooming through the fleet with his trusty old eagle, ones flown by his grandfather.
Always dreaming of excitement and danger.
He finaly got his wish during a small conflict between a group of outcast criminals where expelled from the fleet for an attempt for insurrection against the fleet council.
Mr_jac and his wing mates flew multiple sorties to escort the community ships to a safe easy defendable system.
The wing mr jac was apart of was patrolling the system for for raiders when radio signals where picked up in the 3d planets asteroid belt as the mr jac and his wingman swooped down in their eagles in to the asteroid field they discovered a group of vipers as they hid between the asteroids they monitored communications indicating that they where preparing for an assault on one of the community ships trying to capture one and hold the populous hostage.
As mr_jac floated to closely to an asteroid he used the manoeuvring thrusters, doing so it alerted two of the vipers who went in to pursuit of mr_jac and his wingman.
After years of flying his grandfathers eagle he out manoeuvred one of the vipers as his wingman was now targeted by the second and blown up he was again targeted by the first viper due to tricky manoeuvres his pursuer hit a asteroid and blew up. Now making a run for it and broadcasting a warning for attack he was hit in the main thrusters making him spin as he was spinning he fired two dumb fire missiles at the remaining viper as it passed him at high speed ripping the vipers cockpit apart.
Now floating for hours he hoped as he saw distant explosions hoping the fleet would arrive in time to stop the massacre…as he was thinking he felt a sudden jolt and was pulled on board the python Hospital ship Mother Theresa . as a nurse was tending to his wounds Captain Axle mau entered sick bay Padding him on the shoulder “you saved allot of lives today.” As a personal thank you i have this bottle of 340 years old jack Daniels distilled on earth
Its about time to open it and it’s a good occasion .
As mr_jac tasted the whisky and his eyes lit up as he felt a moment of
Pride that he saved so many people .
After this event he got promoted to flight lieutenant and joined the police force security team , this team being responsible for taking down illegal elements and to prevent further attempts of insurrection.
After each success full mission he offered his flight members a glass of jack Daniels which earned him the nickname of mr_jac that would later become his call sign.
As he rose to the rank of captain admiral totha requested him to join a classified meeting on the fleets flagship.
As he entered the room he stood face to face with Admiral totha and fleet commander Elisabeth assenthia they spoke to him about the forming of a wing of seasoned commanders called the forgotten that would head back to the bubble and find out what happened to the communications.
As his skills would be an asset for providing and creating an security detail for protecting the groups mining supply and exploration ships.
he accepted the commission and was promoted as commodore of the security fleet.

Name: Classified
call sign: Mr_Jack
Date of birth: classified
Profession: chief of security
Ship: Imperial Clipper HMS Serafia
Class: fast enforcer