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Background Story

Ohmegalisk was born as a only child to a family of short range couriers

When he was a small boy he often sat in the co pilot seat of his parents asp scout watching the stars and studying the navigation charts . looking ate the dark patches of unclaimed space making a promise to him self to visit all of the stars with out a name.

One day a general distress call sounded through the small ship
An explorer with a damaged fuel scoop and leaking tanks asked for assistance .

As his parents headed to the cockpit and set course to the location of the explorer .
he hid in the observation dome to see what was happening. After a few hours his parents found the exploration vessel showing unknown markings.
As they communicated safety and procedures to the explorer they started with the refuelling one after the other limpet went out to refuel the stranded whatching the diamond back coming back to life .
Ohmegalisk found his calling he wanted to be a fuel rat!

When he reached the age of 18 he enrolled in the fuel rat training program at fuelum where he got his junior rat licence.
He took out a lone to buy his first fuel resupply ship an aging t6 and refit it for long range refuelling.
After months of waiting finally he got a call to rescue a stranded prospector 1243 light years from his current location.

After several breakdowns he found the prospector and starting to refuel the ship however due to a faulty fuel scoop his fuel was contaminated with helium3 damaging the multimillion Asp explorer
The ensuing lawsuit that followed would impound his ship and revoke his fuel rat license until all damages where paid of in full .
Now with out his refuelling ship and his fuel rat license he was forced to take all kinds of jobs joining a bounty hunter group and as imperial slaver to pay of the damages and regain his beloved ship .
After several years he worked up from the least ship back to a cobra mkIII often talking to him self and his ship comenly known as haulers decease.
When One day on one of his trade runs he was hailed by an diamond back with unknown markings as his registration was the same as his parents the diamond back asked if he was the one that refuelled him several years ago. Explaining his parents where the ones that refuelled him and what happened since .
Hearing of his predicament he got an offer he could not refuse .
He joined the medusa expedition as armed escort and resupply prospect climbing the ranks till he reached the rank of Lieutenant he was asked to join a newly to form vanguard wing for the return to the bubble .as he hasn’t seen his family in years so he joined the newly formed wing the Forgotten.

Name: Ohmegalisk
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of birth: 08-02-3268
Profession: supply /escort
Ship: Anaconda
Class: Anaconda armed supply escort

Education: Fuelum fuel rat advanced flight school

Character: Dedicated, loyal ,relentless in pursuing his goals.