I think I drink to much...

Ups, yes I´ll pay the charge ... 

This voice in my head told me about .. 

Good Morning GALCOP!

Background Story

Soltus was born as the second child of a family of space nomads. The first time he felt gravity was when he was 5 years old and his family visited a station

At age 12 he left his family to work on a surface based production facility. At 21 he won the  lottery and decided to start his own career in federal space. He spent the money on a sidewinder and his first cargo of gold that he sold for some good profit.

After 2 years of constant trading in empty space Soltus could afford a Type-6 and a set of mining lasers and started his new career. Over 20 years later a Type-9 from Lakon was on offer and he finally started his career as a space trucker. The company ran well and some of the biggest factions in civilized space trusted completely in express deliverys from Soltus Heavy Deep Impact Trading.

All that time Soltus spent in space talking to himself and alone in his mind ... then he got a call from this one cutter captain ... 

... but thats another story

Age: 57

Gender: Male

Height: 2.18m

Weight: 165kg