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Background Story

Totha was born in to a family of prospectors that provided the fleet with valuable prospecting information this is where he developed as a hugely Talented tactician and strategist, always looking for improvements.
As most miners he had a level head and straight to the point mentality most of his ideas are just that but are ingenious, his tactics provided great improvements to his parent´s mining operation.
After a mining accident that left his parents badly injured he swore never to mine again. These events made him think about his future, since he could not stand doing nothing he started drinking as the miners usually did in the long transits to new resource sites ,he quickly ran out of funds.
And was looking for a new job just as there was a new class opening up for security personnel, he quickly applied.
His creative thinking and observation of the surrounding made him graduate top of the class . he quickly rose through the ranks and became the personal advisor of Elisabeth Assenthia.
Unfortunately his miner background of binge drinking and womanizing often got him in to trouble.
As a professional he was highly dedicated in council meetings silent and thoughtful only speaking when he had something important to add.
When the forgotten fleet arrived at the fringes of the bubble he quickly identified that the older ships of the medusa expedition where outdated.
He created a series of plans with his colleagues and friends Bill Naad and Soltus02 that would upgrade the older ships and create new squadrons to be a match or outclass the core world ships.To do this they asked for permission to use the prototype plans developed during the communication black out.

First squadron was the eagle squadron a test bed for the newly created medusa Squad.

Name: Totha
Rank: Admiral of the fleet
Date of birth: 17-may-3264
Profession: Bounty hunter / Freelancer
Ship: Ōkami 1'5
Class: Fer-de-Lance/ Security ship
Education: UNS Mushasi tactical training ship
Skills: Security, Master tactician.
Character: Thoughtfull, looks at the larger picture, and long-term goals.