The Medusa Squad

Hi The Forgotten,

Our Fleet Command does see it as absolute necessary to secure Aiabiko again other Commanders and yet unknown Enemy Forces. (And we think it will be a lot of fun)
Because of this we did decide to build up “The Medusa Squad”. A squad of Cobra Mk III all with the Medusa Paintjob. All ships will have full Tier 5 engineer upgrades and every one of them will be absolutely deadly and as a group undefeatable.

The best GalCop PvP experts did think about the best build for a PvP Cobra Mk III and did forward it to us. But because only engineer upgrades does not make a good PvP we will also get skill. GalCop will send us the best PvP player they have to give us a special training.

Every member of The Forgotten who does decide to join the Medusa Squad, build the ship and does take part on the PvP training will get a free Medusa Paintjob for his ship.

Join today and have fun 🙂

your Fleet Commandjoin-medusa-plakat-white-background


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