The forgotten Medusa expedition or simply called the forgotten.

Origins and demise of the UNSC and background of UN Expedition Medusa.

We are a group of explorers, miners, scouts, prospectors, trackers tenders and supply ships.

(Medusa due to the large group of snake like ships gathering information)

The UNSC was part of an old earth Organization called the United Nations to protect and uphold the security of sovereign nations and human rights of all threats.

After the third world war of 2044-2055AD the United Nations up till then a symbolic entity was voted by the public and nations to form a global government and ban out war, poverty and famine once and for all.

Overtime the corporations became more powerful after rebuilding Earth and colonizing the solar system.

For two hundred years earth prospered the united nations security force provided protection from privateers and kept the peace.

After the colonization of other solar systems it came apparent that the UN it was not able to project its influence on the new colonies. As the charter did not include colonies outside of the sol system.

This was painfully exposed during the Tau Ceti 3 dispute in 2240 when colonist refused or ignored the demands to stop the killing of the native wild life to near extinction.

After harsh negotiations and a few skirmishes with the colonist it was decided that there was need for a new form of government that could project its power in to known space After the establishment of the Federation The United Nations was disbanded except for the UNSC which was by this time a small organization  with no real power.




The few commanders that where left transformed UNSC in to an exploration and information gathering organization strictly neutral in all aspects gathering information, and providing humanitarian aid to impoverished and famine stricken systems and witch in turn now had dedicated them self’s to exploration, providing security and educating new commanders.


Gaining respect of the minor factions and new commanders and slowly gaining more support in there quest to reunite humanity on the principles of the old united nations.


In an all out effort to regain its former glory and forge a lasting alliance between the minor factions and systems . The UNSC ordered In 2790  all of its explorers miners surveyors and support ships to explore and survey for habitable worlds and new resources to sustain the fledgling alliance .This fleet was called the Medusa expedition under command of Fleet Commander Maximilian Assenthia .

For 300 years there was regular communication with the fleet and the UNSC Alliance bringing prosperity to the UNSC members.

Then disaster came, through unknown reasons the couriers who where send to collect the data and bring news and technological advancements to the fleet never found the expeditionary fleet or never returned at all .

Huge sums of money and favors where spend to find the fleet to no avail. After several years of searching resources ran out and Expedition Medusa was declared lost, unable to sustain such a loss the factions lost faith in the UNSC and left the alliance which brought them prosperity and stability for so many years.

Now with large debts and without allies the UNSC was permanently disbanded in 3184. Four hundred years have passed since the United Nations send the fleet on expedition Medusa. Our mission to discover new habitable worlds. resources and extraterrestrial life. Without a word reaching the fleet for over a century ,made fleet commander Elisabeth Assenthia send a flight of scouts to the bubble and investigate what has happened.

The reports are disturbing: corruption, piracy and power struggles are rampant.

Even worse the organization that send the Fleet on to the deep space expedition no longer exist.

Disturbed by these findings it made the fleet council decide to return to the bubble and reclaim their birthright, restore order and unite the faction under one banner once more. Fleet commander Elisabeth Assenthia ordered a wing of seasoned explorers, scouts and support ships to the bubble to claim a new home and prepare for the return of the main fleet.

As no one remembers Expedition Medusa we simply refer to our self as  “The forgotten”!



After a year of scouting and searching for answers. Some of the scouts where interdicted in lft 37 as they wondered in to Paladin consortium space. Commanders M.A.R.S.H.A.L.L and Gorbear asked for the understanding of the interdictions as they where establishing their control of the system. We offered our help and informed them of incursions in their system over time we found a deeip friendship  in the Paladin Consortium offering aiding against the incursions of the SDC and Guild of Rebuy Screenius maximus.

Not every contact with local groups was that peace full, so was there the Corgani incident where a war was narrowly averted with the independent pilot consortium.

As time went by and our friendship with the paladin consortium grew we got noticed by The EIC . who recognized the transmitting codes  as the ones found in…… .and offered us shelter in one of their holdings in AIABIKO .


Due to the loyalty to their newly found friends the forgotten got invited in to alliance of worlds Called the galactic cooperative of worlds  giving assistance where ever we could helping out the IEC in kappa fornakis and EXO in Neto.

Becoming friends with Sirius INC and Dark Echo starting a project that would benefit all commanders.

Sharing the mining secrets of the Medusa expedition with the Diamond Frogs and other Galcop members.

Then a major event that would change known space for ever The dangerous games where groups with huge support could claim space in a newly opened sector and create a powerbase for its self.

After heavy competition between the largest groups in known space where one group after the other fell on its journey to become a new power no means where spared to prevent others to claim the newly opened sector .Dozens of groups and factions tumbled out of the race only the border coalition , AEDC ,communist union, Sepp ,Galcop and EG pilots where left in the final stage . Politics and undermining ran high . AEDC, Border coalition, communist union and SEPP joined forces to prevent the domination of galcop and its supporters to win the final battle with EG pilots.

Narrowly losing the race in the final stage to EG pilots. the result was that Galcop came out stronger than ever losing some groups gaining new friends along the way.

Firmly cementing a place for the Forgotten in Galcop.



Now the forgotten bought the rights of Aiabiko from the EIC on the condition it would protect and secure the system and grand free passage to all commanders wanting to trade or seeking protection from pirates.

As the forgotten gained more influence in the system claiming multiple stations and gaining support of the local populace. Its now time to send for the Main fleet the UN expedition Medusa.

After the vanguard wing the Forgotten of the medusa expedition arrived in their new home of Aiabiko, it became clear that the older type ships where no match for the newer ships of the core powers .

With permission of Fleet commander and expedition leader Elisabeth Assenthia the forgotten started a project to upgrade their ships with technologies they developed during the communication black out in the past 100 years.

This project resulted in the formation of several squadrons of modified and upgraded ships that would be able to match or even surpass the quality of the core power ships .

After several months the ships where ready to protect the new home system of Aiabiko their first feat was impressive when a group of pirates was hunting miners in the ice ring of the outer planet a group of 3 medusa cobras dispatch 2 wings of pirates within minutes of arriving in the ice ring. They let one heavily damaged pirate escape to make sure that other pirates would now that this system was protected and make them think twice of privateering in Aiabiko and space controlled by its ally’s

After this success other ship types have been upgraded and refitted to ad versatility to the new defence fleet.

Now the colonia initiative is active and the Medusa expedition fleet is arriving in the sector with their engineered ships and medusa paint jobs they are a mystery for most, accept for the forgotten and Galcop as they know who they are and what their goal is.