Pegasi Sector Commowealth: Helicon’s Peak Expedition


Welcome in the Helicon's Peak Expedition, CMDRs.

Here you will find informations and suggestions about the first Pegasi Sector Commonwealth expedition.

During the premonition event some data logs has been found. As we suspected, a huge cover-ops surround the Dinasty expedition, and now, more then before, we know there are someones ready to kill to hiding the truth:

Where we will go: We will reach the Zarura Ship trying to follow the originary path, searching for as many informations possibile.

What we will do: We will take the right time to explore nearby every POIs in the planned route. Now we know exactly what the original expedition was searching for. Now, the questions are: have they found it? Have they left something beyond?

What we will expect to find: The best expediction result should be finding data log, crash site, other artificial devices.

Considering the "premonition revelation", we expect some other forces will soon arrive to investigate or to give support to the the cover up. Probably they will be military ones. We also know that the entire Zurara's crew was killed by a sort of neuronal agent; probably to protect this weapons and to hide what happened. There is the possibility that some sort of defences are still active.

The link between the Rift and the Targhoids is well known. We cannot exclude some non-human encounter.

This is why we will go armed.

The PSC Command is spreading the idea this is a pure explorative expedition. trying not to attract too much curiosity about it. Telling the true, also the military reconnaissance has a great importance.

The fleet will be divided in three main role :

1) Explorers: Classical high jump range ships, with a light weaponary, shields and armour with all the necessary for prospecting and exploring. Because the unknow dangerous we can encounter, classical stripped not armed fits are not allowed.

2) Armed Scouts: The military part of the fleet; fast, armoured and best armed ships, capable of find any threat and engage it.Scouts are also low fitted for exploration and ground reconnaisence.

3) Large support ships: Logistic well armed ships, capable of an impressive amount of fire, in case of emergency; they can be used as little motherships and mobile HQs for the expedition.

Here the EDSM link:

What the PSC is?

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